Day one of the rest of my (writing) life

Why is it nothing goes to plan? 

Baby boy number two decided last night was party-in-my-cot-till mummy-can’t-take-no-more night. I’ve had three hours sleep in total. But worth it for those gorgeous smiles hey?

Today’s aim: Finish reading the last 50 pages of  latest book (even the library wants it back now I’ve had it that long). Also finish first draft of piece for local short story competition – I will post more details about this another day.

Thanks goodness for crumpets, Norfolk honey and caffeine. Lots of it. If you didn’t guess by my last post I’m a tea drinker, a big one. Yes I do have my favourite brand and yes I do make it in a specific way. But more on that another day. I have more pressing matters.

Time to dress the boys, have breakfast, think about housework and get the eldest ready for pre-school. 

Sounds easy when I put it like that.

About Donna-Louise Bishop

I'm a writer, freelance reporter, creative writing tutor, and blogger, living in the beautiful county of Norfolk UK. In my spare time I am also a wife, a mother to three boys, and a human washing machine.
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