The Love/Hate Blogger Challenge

This is going to be a bit of an ironic one for me because one thing I really hate is people who moan. I know, I know… So please forgive me but I love these chain things more than I hate moaning.


Thank you to Tara at After The Rain for the open tag to the Love/Hate Blogger Challenge. Her answers are here and mine follow.


1. Family, the one who gave me life and the one that makes my life.

2. Thoughtfulness. Even the smallest things can mean the world to someone.

3. Reading. I love the feeling of opening a book and reading that first sentence. It makes me sad when I get to the end but also proud to have been part of someone’s story.

4. Time. I wish I had more of it.

5. Food. The smell, cooking it, sharing it, eating at home, eating out, eating for the sake of it, shopping for it. Nom nom. I am also grateful that I live in a country where I can buy whatever food I like.

6. Gardening. This is a new-found love which came with my mortgage. I’m proud to have some land I can call my own. It’s made me find a new interest to share with my dad too – our allotment.

7. Singing. I’m rubbish at it but it makes me feel better, especially when I’m in the car on my own and I can belt out something from a musical.

8. Lists and planning.

9. Tea. With the bag and spoon left in please.

10. The first smile from my boys in the morning and seeing them asleep during my last check on them before I go to bed.


1. The number five. I think it’s to do with some kind of childhood trauma from when a relative of mine died.

2. Negativity.

3. People who judge others too quickly.

4. Bank opening hours.

5. When life bites you in the bum for no reason.

6. Not having enough hours in the day. Maybe I’ve already said this in “love” but I’m emphasising it even more.

7. When my boys are sick.

8. Doing the laundry. Mainly hanging the clothes away in the wardrobe.

9. People making me jump on purpose – it actually makes me cry.

10. Top Gear.

I would love to hear your 10 things you love and hate so please consider yourself tagged.

About Donna-Louise Bishop

I'm a writer, freelance reporter, creative writing tutor, and blogger, living in the beautiful county of Norfolk UK. In my spare time I am also a wife, a mother to three boys, and a human washing machine.
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