Welcome to #MyDesk (WARNING: Contains graphic images of mess)

I know it’s an impossible task to achieve but we all have dreams right? I dream of having a clean and tidy house while being a mum to two boys (a two-year-old and a baby) and a wife to a grown-up boy of 27.

The two-year-old is my little helper and, when in the right frame of mind, is a great tidy-upper. The baby doesn’t really make much mess so no complaints from me there. The husband however, well that’s a whole other blog post… (Does anyone know the secret to making their other-half TIDY UP BEHIND THEMSELVES? Tips would be appreciated).

My dream of a spotless and perfectly tidy house is a dream that will probably never happen but at least I can relax in the knowledge that although my family and their home may be a little messy around the edges they have big smiles on their faces from the fun they’ve had making the mess.

So you may be thinking that this is just another housewife sob-story you’ve heard before right? Right. But the reason for this blog post is not to write about my maternity-leave woes it’s actually to talk about my little space in the house where I do my writing.

I was recently inspired by my friend Melissa Brown (author of Becoming Death) who posted a photo of her desk/writing space on Facebook. She’d just done a major tidy-up and it looked amazing.

I couldn’t help but be absolutely captivated by another fellow writer’s special space (not that I’m stalking you Melissa…). Having also recently read Stephen King’s On Writing I’ve come to find an author’s work space really interesting.

Mine is usually here:



And as you can see, it’s absolutely brimming with mess! So much for a dream clean and tidy home – I can’t even keep my desk organised. But am I the only one who loves the chaos associated with writing?

Just tonight I have finished my latest writing project, my competition entry for the Norwich Writers’ Circle short fiction competition Olga Sinclair. Tomorrow I begin something new. I’ve decided to have a bash at the Flash Fiction Challenge 2015, hosted by NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness.

What I’ve discovered is that during the writing process the mess I make around me at my desk all becomes part of the project I am working on. Today I will tidy my desk before moving on to my next project, fresh and ready to tackle the next writing challenge. Does anyone else work like this?

So instead of looking at my desk in horror and being ashamed to let anyone in the office I have decided to be proud about the mess that consumes my work space. To me it means I’ve worked not only my socks off but the slippers that are hiding under a pile of scrunched up papers under the desk too.

I would love to see your writing space so keep the hashtag #MyDesk moving.

And if you pop back tomorrow I may even treat you to a photo of my much cleaner desk in all its glory.


About Donna-Louise Bishop

I'm a writer, freelance reporter, creative writing tutor, and blogger, living in the beautiful county of Norfolk UK. In my spare time I am also a wife, a mother to three boys, and a human washing machine.
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