Don’t Write NaNo off just yet!

 ‘Twas the night before NaNo, when all through the house
A writer was stirring, even more than a mouse;
The notepads were sat by the computer with care,
In hopes that inspiration would soon be there.

It’s NaNoWriMo Eve!

Are you excited? Can’t wait to get those words written down? Have ideas spilling out of your ear? That’s great!

But what happens when you sit down at your computer and your mind goes blank?

In 2013, I set out to finish my work in progress – breaking the rules slightly I know – but what actually happened on a mid-November morning (I had exams at the beginning of the month so couldn’t start until later) I sat and wrote something entirely new and unplanned.

NaNoWriMo veterans would call me a “pantser”, something I am still not entirely ready to embrace, and two weeks later I had just over 50,000 completely new words for a novel entitled Bunny. A whopping 12,000 of those words had been written in one day! A big thanks to my mum here who babysat my then one-year-old for the day.

What. A. Rush.

So in 2014 I was feeling rather confident and cocky. I had done this before, with no idea whatsoever. This time I had planned, this year I was ready, this year I failed.

Believe it or not, I had sat down on the morning of November 1st, ready and prepared to write. Nothing happened. I tried again the next morning and still nothing happened. By the third morning I had given up my dreams of winning NaNo 2014.

What a shame hey?

This year I have learnt from my mistakes – I hope. I am still fighting off the little demon in my head telling me how rubbish and pointless my writing is, but I am going to solider on. Why? Because 50,000 words of rubbish is better than zero words. You can’t work with nothing, but the world opens up if you have a starting point.

So for anyone out there who has given up hope already. Please do not. Even if it means writing a dozen short stories, half of the epic trilogy you have planned or even a single poem – please use NaNo to your advantage.

Whatever you do is not failing. Not taking part at all is failing.

So learn from me and jump on that NaNo bus. From the A-grade perfectionists at the front, to the rowdy rule-breakers on the back seat – we’re all going on the same journey so we might as well get to the end one way or another.

Good luck fellow NaNos.

About Donna-Louise Bishop

I'm a writer, freelance reporter, creative writing tutor, and blogger, living in the beautiful county of Norfolk UK. In my spare time I am also a wife, a mother to three boys, and a human washing machine.
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4 Responses to Don’t Write NaNo off just yet!

  1. d3athlily says:

    Good luck to you too!!! 😀

  2. Jules says:

    I hope to participate in this one day.

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