Stirring – a Microstory

I long to feel his hip bones pressed painfully against mine. His voice, so deliciously smooth, I want to spread it on toast to devour.

But I am the wrong person to care. I am unavailable; bound by the contract of marriage.



About Donna-Louise Bishop

I'm a writer, freelance reporter, creative writing tutor, and blogger, living in the beautiful county of Norfolk UK. In my spare time I am also a wife, a mother to three boys, and a human washing machine.
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9 Responses to Stirring – a Microstory

  1. Love this piece. So vivid, it really drew me in. Nice job! 🙂

    • Donna-Louise Bishop says:

      Thank you. I really wanted the lust to come through – not an easy task with so few words! I love the microfiction challenge.

  2. d3athlily says:

    Oh dear! Not good for her. Hah

    I loved that first line. Beautiful imagery!

    • Donna-Louise Bishop says:

      Oh thank you! I really wanted to make her desire for this man shine through. I’m telling myself her husband is an arsehole anyway, hehe…

  3. Kalpana Solsi says:

    I want it to spread it on toast……………. Romance oozes from every pore of your poetry. Enjoyed reading it.

  4. innatejames says:

    I imagined his voice as Nutella. The last sentence got a little telly and not showy for me.

    • Donna-Louise Bishop says:

      You absolutely right. I think I was petrified, as I am most weeks, about not actually answering the week’s question! Thank you for your honest feedback.

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