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I'm a freelance reporter and creative writing tutor living in the beautiful county of Norfolk UK. I blog. Wife to Ben, mummy of two young boys. Cake rocks.

Under the sheets 

Your body on top of mine; your eyes reflect our seven years together in my own. When it finishes we fall asleep. Our eyes are no longer locked on each other. Only the stars remain awake to peek through our … Continue reading

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Dear Vagina, F*ck You.

Dear Vagina, Fuck you. This all started at the age of 10. Do you remember? You lead me to believe I had started my period when actually it was a false alarm. It ended in that embarrassing heart-to-heart with my … Continue reading

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British Book Challenge 2017

Well 2016 didn’t quite go to plan when it came to my annual reading list. I actually think I ended up reading less this year than I did the previous year. There’s no time to dwell on that now though … Continue reading

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Two Little Lines – a microstory

Two Little Lines By  Donna-Louise Bishop She flinched as the roll-up, which had been stuck to her lip, ripped off a peeling of red-stained skin. Its shade was Sunset Lust, or so the shop assistant had informed her earlier that … Continue reading

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Next – A Tritina

They say nothing ever truly dies, But that’s an expression too distant to console me right now. Instead, I will let my memories carry me.   But who will be there to catch me when my heart breaks and dies? … Continue reading

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The Final Slice of Toast

The earliest memory I have of you is that one time you made me breakfast. I’m sure you’d prepared this meal for me many times before, and would have continued to do so many times after, but it was that … Continue reading

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Getting My Bake Off

When I was a child I used to spend the weekends at my grandparent’s house. Those glorious, responsibility-free days would be filled with endless visits to car boot sales or village fetes. Too much time would be had in front … Continue reading

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Playing House

Playing House She unwrapped the new candle holders. One, Two, Three. He turned his eyes away from the mantelpiece, to gaze at the TV. Playing house had been such a popular game they shared. Now one had moved on from … Continue reading

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My Second Round (ch3) Entry for NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2016 – Book of the Dead

This is my round three entry for this year’s NYC Midnight (NYCM) Flash Fiction writing challenge. The challenge, as always, is to write one 1,000 word story, within 48 hours, based on a selection of prompts. I was given group … Continue reading

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Yeah Write Super Challenge #2 – Second Round Entry ‘Anniversary’

A fortnight ago I participated in round two of Yeah Write’s second Super Challenge. My assignment was to write a story with a maximum of 1,000 words, using specific prompts – a character plus an event. We were given a photo of the character and I … Continue reading

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