Thirty Things At Thirty

This list was inspired by my blog post Thirty Things to do in my Thirtieth Year.

I will be keeping it updated as and when I am able to tick off some of my achievements.

Here’s to an epic year!


Thirty Things to do in my Thirtieth Year:

  1. Finish a first draft of my work-in-progress
  2. Win something in the field of writing
  3. Finish Writing for Children online course
  4. Finish writing story book for children
  5. Apply to do my masters
  6. Finish landscaping my garden
  7. Write creatively every day for a year
  8. Take my sons to the library once a month
  9. Take my sons swimming once a month
  10. Raise £300 for the charity Crohn’s and Colitis UK
  11. Volunteer for something
  12. Go to a literary festival
  13. Visit a London museum with my family
  14. Do the allotment with my dad (even if it’s just keeping it tidy)
  15. Lose three stone (and be happy if I only lose two)
  16. Start making a note of my family tree
  17. Finish filling in the boys’ baby books (both of them)
  18. Print and frame a large photo from our wedding day and hang it in the house
  19. Finish (and start) making a patchwork quilt out of the boys’ baby clothes
  20. Do the reverse 52-week money challenge
  21. Meet up with a friend for a cuppa and a (proper) catch-up bi-monthly
  22. Come up with (at least) one really great article idea for work once a month
  23. Pay off the credit card
  24. Go and spend an afternoon doing a jigsaw with my grandad Jimmy
  25. Pay for my parents to go on holiday with us
  26. See Metallica sing Nothing Else Matters live
  27. Book a weekend away with the husband
  28. Frame my graduation photo and certificate
  29. Do the #100happydays thing
  30. I will leave number 30 blank for now (please feel free to share ideas)

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